VR for Good: May 2019

05/17/2019 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

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VR for Good | May


Veena Somareddy is the co-founder and CTO at NeuroRehabVR, a VR healthcare start-up aimed at building virtual/augmented reality training exercises for patients with neurological disorders. She is a software engineer with many years of research and development experience in VR and AR. She has a BS in Computer Science and a Master’s in Game Design and Development from UTDallas. She is also the chapter president for VR/AR Association Dallas and co-organizer of the Women in VR - Dallas chapter, focusing on mentorship, skill development and building a community of talented individuals who are enthusiastic about being a part of this emerging industry.

VR For Good Dallas is a new meet-up for anyone interested in using virtual, augmented and mixed realities for social good.  Starting in January 2019, the Brain Performance Institute will host regular meetings to showcase creative VR products with a mission to improve society. Examples of VR for Good include medical applications, social technologies, and programs for education, awareness, and advocacy.  The purpose of the new meetup is to provide a friendly forum for knowledge-sharing,  potential collaborations and general inspiration for using technology to benefit others.  The meetups will feature guest speakers and demonstrations from industry leaders, notable researchers, local start-ups and grassroots efforts.  We look forward to exploring the potential of new and emerging VR/AR/MR technologies for good with the North Texas community.