February Lecture Series - Shawn Achor

02/27/2018 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

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February Lecture Series

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Big Potential: Creating Success at School and Work By Making Others Better

Shawn Achor 

We have historic levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness in our schools and companies. But new research is showing how happiness is a choice if we create positive habits, and that happiness in turn dramatically improves our educational, health and business outcomes. While success does not lead to happiness, greater happiness does fuel success. But after researching happiness in 50 countries, Shawn discovered that if happiness is all about you, there is a cap on it and it can’t be sustained. However, by seeking to make others better, your potential for happiness rises exponentially. The same is true for every dimension of human potential – grades, intelligence, compassion, promotion, sales, leadership and health – all rise and fall based upon the people around you. Small potential is what you can achieve alone. Big potential is about making others better, and how that in turn makes you better. Best-selling author, Shawn Achor will share the research you can use to realize your BIG POTENTIAL while returning greater happiness and meaning to our schools, work and families.

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Reception 6-7 PM
Lecture 7-8 PM