Virtual Frontiers Lecture: Dr. John Cryan

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The Center for BrainHealth invites top scientists in the field to share their knowledge with students, researchers and all who are interested in the science of brain health. The lectures focus on their latest approaches and findings. They are free when you register.

The Gut Microbiome- A Key Regulator of The Brain Across the Lifespan

John Cryan, PhD

John Cryan, a neuropharmacologist and microbiome expert, shares surprising facts and insights about how our thoughts and emotions are connected to our guts. He is Professor and Chair, Dept. of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University College Cork and Principal Investigator in the APC Microbiome Institute. His talk will provide an understanding of the capabilities of the microbiota to interface with the brain and form the microbiota-gut-brain axis and a detailed examination of the consequences of the microbiota-driven gut-to-brain communication for both health and disease.

The field of microbial endocrinology is expressly devoted to understanding the mechanisms by which the microbiota (bacteria within the microbiome) interact with the host (“us”). This interaction is a two-way street and the driving force that governs these interactions are the neuroendocrine products of both the host and the microbiota.

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