Frontiers Lecture: Dr. Leanne Young

01/17/2020 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

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The Center for BrainHealth invites scientists to share their scientific study with students and other researchers at the Frontiers of BrainHealth Lunch Lectures. The lectures are heavily science focused and are not intended for a lay audience. Lectures to be simulcast among UTD affiliated locations. The lectures are free, but you must register to reserve your seat. Lunch is served at 11:45 AM.

Taking SMART from the Labratory to the Wild 

Dr. Young will present the results of three translational research studies that evaluate the efficacy of Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART), a cognitive training program developed at Center for BrainHealth. It provides evidence of success achieved outside of the laboratory or, “in the wild.” SMART teaches cognitive strategies that enhance deeper-level thinking, focus and meaningful learning. In the three years that Dr. Young was the executive director at Brain Performance Institute, these studies were conducted – two with military/veteran populations and one with a law enforcement population. In all three cases, data collected following training showed significant gains in both cognitive performance measures and psychological well-being. In one of the studies, data on psychological well-being was collected one month and four months post-training. The results support the feasibility of translating SMART outside of a laboratory environment to general population groups. However, for a more significant impact, it must be delivered in an online format in order to scale to a larger number of participants and increase our ability to sustain engagement for a long-term impact. She will present the strategy for moving to online SMART and discuss how future research will address some of the gaps in knowledge that remain following these initial studies.





Leanne Young, PhD

Associate Professor, Nuclear Medicine Division & Director, PET Translational Imaging 

Leanne is a nationally recognized expert in blast injury research and worked with the Department of Defense’s Combatting Terrorism Technology Support Office to obtain the first histological evidence of primary blast-induced brain injuries. She worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to lead the first clinical trials of blast-induced brain injuries and, working with the Office of Naval Research, she led development of a computer model for planning the medical response to a blast attack on a ship.